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friendly death
I'm trying to decide how much the new expansion is changing things before I decide whether or not to remake Wilde island or wait for CAW to be updated for the expansion...

but can I just say


learnin a book
meet Clara:

she likes pink, is very smart and after her parents passed away leaving her an heiress, she applied her herself and has already reached high levels of the medical career, which afforded her a vacation in Egypt:

After she saves a few lives with her medical career, she will use her experiences in traveling to become an illustrious author, just wait; she'll reach great heights of greatness. (yes, she is in fact the resident Mary Sue who serves the function of being disgustingly perky and too perfect. My eventual killing of her later will be rather fun, but for now, I indulge her every whim)

wow....blasting back to my past...

Yeah....wow.....I've been simming from the first. I am a simaddict!

my death: simstyle
in what may be my most twisted aspect, I also like to place a simself in game....as a ghost!

So...Another death is called for at the Undertaker residence.

meet me:

Hmm...maybe I'll go for a swim

whoops! That pool was a death trap!

I'm a ghost now too!

let the games begin
So, to populate not just my town, but my cemetery, I need a killing household. In other words, I need someone who is there to have people move in and die so he can take their remains to the cemetery where they can do their haunting duties with great aplomb.

Meet, Joey Undertaker:

I moved Joey in with his elderly mother, Bessie who will eventually help Joey get rich when her artistic skills result in her paintings' sales value skyrockets when she too, kicks the bucket:

So for my first victim, I created a "Tragic Clown" character in honor of the old Sims clown:

The easiest death to accomplish is a quick testingcheatsenabled hunger death:

So my first ghost is a purple one:

good times, good times *evil grin*

learnin a book
I have begun a few test runs and I'm happy to report that the issue world creators have had before re-entering saved games seems to be fixed with the caw update. :) pictures of my new simmies will be soon...

then the fun starts as I like having a fully ghost occupied cemetary, which means finding fun ways to kill sims! Whee!

putting in buildings
learnin a book
So, when putting in my lots in "edit in game" mode, I like to combine certain rabbitholes into one lot. Kind of like a strip-mall concept.

So here is 4 community spots all on one lot:

In there is the grocery, bookstore, bistro and a spa.

plus I added a community restroom:

In trying to get lots level enough to support community buildings, sometimes things don't quite go as planned, I had an unexpected pool from an attempt to level a lot:


hehe...well, that's what the undo button is for, right?

So, not quite finished, but shaping up with most of the major community places placed,
here is the neighborhood:

learnin a book
wow, thank you to everyone who has come to see my little project have its start. I'll try to get to comments/questions soon, but I wanted to share my roads and lots so far.

it IS a small island and so I do have certain limitations on community lots and their parameters, but I have found that I can fit just about everything I need in a fairly small space!

so, here's my road layout so far:

Wilde island
learnin a book
in development...

at dawn:

and sunset:

So that's the basic shape of the island itself.
Starting from a plain square of green set in water, I molded, painted and added a river, some lakes and trees.

Next up:

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learnin a book
technical difficulties has delayed my work....

world creator update on the fritz.