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Wilde island
learnin a book
in development...

at dawn:

and sunset:

So that's the basic shape of the island itself.
Starting from a plain square of green set in water, I molded, painted and added a river, some lakes and trees.

Next up:

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as lintelsoups suggested, you may want to check out what you have in mind for buildings in relation to the terrain.

one of the things i found while building my own worlds was that there are some HUGE buildings you need to plan for.
the hospital, a graveyard ( though technically its optional ), school ( larger than it looks ), grocery store & book store are pretty basic sim-needs.

theres others to worry about as well if youre interested in allowing all career paths to be available, but past that my only tip is to try to get residential plots as close to the road/sidewalk as possible. xD; it looks really strange in-game if its like an inch or two away from the sidewalk but you wanted to build a little stone path from there to the front door. >>;

yeah, I know and I'll be showing how I manage to get those squeezed in amazingly tight spaces and still have it work out.

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